Director of Programs and Projects: Carlos Martinez Villela


Carlos Martinez is originally from Tijuana, Mexico. After volunteering with the Rural Education Institute of Mexico in 2008, Carlos returned to San Miguel and has been appointed Programs and Projects Director of the organization. Carlos is fully bilingual, and he has a master's degree in NGO management from the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, and experience as the coordinator of Finances and Operations of the America Solidaria Foundation, also in Argentina. Carlos is specially interested in bridging the gap that keeps the public, private and academic sector away from the nonprofit organizations of San Miguel and Mexico. 

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Director of Volunteers - Kathy Gregg

Originally from New England, Kathy moved to San Miguel to join her husband in October of 2014.  She is a retired educator with 36 years of experience in the class room. Kathy is an advocate of education and her involvement in Rural Education Institute is a serious effort to help youth graduate from schools in the campo. Kathy and Bishop William have one son, Nathan, who lives in Oregon.